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  • Apologies!

    Just a quick apology to the Friday Fictioneers crew… I’ve sat and read all 32 stories this morning and thoroughly enjoyed myself! However, I am having an issue with my email sign in. Having tried several times I’ve only been able to comment on posts I’ve already logged onto before. No idea why! Several comments […]

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  • Flashlight : Friday Fictioneers, 30/09/22

    Flashlight : Friday Fictioneers, 30/09/22

    Flashlight Shelley pressed her head down, flattening her nose to her face. Inhaling through a grimace, she held long enough to pretend that breath, at least, was under her control. Tilting, she exhaled towards the lamp. Not even a flicker. She’d expected Netflix, maybe WiFi. But electricity? That was low. With one bar left she’d […]

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  • Hope Deferred: Sammi’s WWP #278

    Hope Deferred: Sammi’s WWP #278

    Hope Deferred Deb swipes glumly at the screen: left, left, left. Are there any good ones left? Pause. Five foot nine; shorter than usual. Christian, but they all say that. Interesting bio, a couple of conversation starters. Wrong city, but how far away is that? Forty five, but still looking good, (if this photograph’s up […]

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  • A Smashing Time – (Friday Fictioneers 23/9)

    A Smashing Time – (Friday Fictioneers 23/9)

    We promised ourselves that when the kids moved out we’d do it in every room. Bedrooms were easy and the kitchen was manageable, on account of the waist-high units; but we’d never gotten the hang of bathroom sex, even on the fresher side of forty. Hence, George pulled a muscle repositioning in the shower, before […]

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